[REVIEW] Memebox Special #36 Meme's Pouch

Been awhile since i made a post - been so busy due to my life and my work life in general and haven't had time to do any reviews :( 

A must-have in your meme pouch!

1. Drww. Mix & Match 1 set (1.5g x 5)
This US $47 set is amazing! Just what i really wanted! This kit is an all-in-one colour kit for your lip and cheeks and comes with a lip calm, bright coloured lip tint, concealer and a mixing pot as well as a brush and a mirror within the box! This is really handy to take and perfect for any day!

2. Evas Rose Mine Perfumed Hand Cream (full size - 60ml)
A nicely rose scented hand cream, perfect to put in your bag, take to travel and for every day use :) This costs US $12.

3. Vally Sous Hair Solution protein Therapy Perfect Mist (full size - 150ml)
A full size hair mist used before or after blow-drying your hair. This hair mist is meant to strengthen and moisturise your hair deep down, while giving it a lovely scent. This sells for US 21.

4. Evas by Marait Eau De perfume (full size - 30ml)
This is a full size perfume in No. 8 It's a Fine Day~ Woww! I love the packaging and it smells great! Really love this :) It's definitely a keeper. This sells for US $30. 

5. Etude House Blotting Paper Pact (full size - 50ea)
An Etude House product ^_^ YAY! This is a full size blotting paper pact. I sometimes use blotting paper as i tend to get oily skin - and this is great after a long day or during the middle of the day, just to take away of the excess oil building up your face. This pact includes a puff as well as the blotting paper which is great. Very handy to have in my bag - this sells for US $6. 

6. Croquis Alight Pact (full size - 10g)
Last but not least, a product that i just love! This is a pact with coloured marble powders which allow you to use your brush and blend the powder to give your face a more definition and shine. I use this as a highlighter on my skin to finish my makeup off and give it more shine. This costs US $35. Did i say i love this? :) 

My Rating: 4.8/5
I would say this is a really nice box ^_^ Has really interesting products and especially love the pacts and kits. More pacts and kits please, memebox! I just everything in this box is perfect for me and i think this is one of my favourite boxes :) Just makes me smile haha


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