[REVIEW] Memebox Superbox #14 Night Care Box

These boxes just keep rolling in and they keep releasing new ones which all sound so good! *.* It's not even about me trying out all these products (due to products rolling in faster than i can use them), but it's about exploring these wonderful products and keeping a collection ^_^
The night care superbox arrived and was one of the superboxes that were on-sale awhile back (along with the Pore box and the Green Tea box). After seeing the unboxing of the other boxes, i think i would've loved to get the pore box too! There's such a great amount of products which focus on minimising and clearing your pores. 
The description card doesn't include a photo of the product :c I think i like it much better when you get to see which product is which, without reading the names. 

1. Pure Label Waterdrop Sleeping Mask Pomegranate 120g 
This pomegranate sleeping mask allows you to apply it all over your face before you go to bed and wake up feeling more moisturised with radiant skin. On the description card they said this product was US $6, but this is HUGE! I don't believe it haha so i did a simple google search and found some sites to be selling it for US $15, which is definitely more reasonable. 
2. Secret Key Angel Mist Wrap Steam Cream 80g
This was one of the teaser products released. This cream should be applied as your last step in your night care routine as it brightens your skin and repairs it overnight. Love this cute round container! This smells great - kinda like lychee, very sweet! Consistency does feel somewhat thick and moisturising too. Time to check out whether this is as good as it smells. This product sells for US $34. 
3. Derma House Micro Pearl Skin Scaling Cream 280g
This was an interesting product when i first saw it ._. What is skin scaling cream i hear you say? Haha, well this is like a an exfoliant and i think they called it skin scaling - due to the purpose of evening skin tones by exfoliating it. The product is actually light blue with small beads in it. I accidentally broke the packaging when taking it out. I kinda does look like a product you get at the chemist though....The description sheet says this is worth US $7, but other sites such as amazon sells it at US $15.

4. Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling 160g
Yes! I am excited to try this foot peeling out! You simply mix the foot pack in the foot care socks provide and place your foot in it for 1-1.5 hours. Really easy and convenient to use. Such an interesting concept. I'm looking forward to silky soft feet this weekend~ Wooot~ This product is worth US $17.

5. Beausella Wrinkle Solution Placenta Eye Cream 20g
PLACENTA! PLACENTA! I love how asian skincare and cosmetics can use the most bizarre and extraordinary ingredients and make them really good! This placenta eye cream will address signs of ageing and under eye wrinkles. A lot of eye creams from memebox lately :o This sells for US $11. 

My rating: 4.5/5
Quite happy with this Superbox, it seemed like it was one of the better superboxes that have been sent out as of yet. I still dont feel like the variety or number of products is enough D: I'm too spoilt and used to the boxes which are full to the brim (global boxes). I guess this is due to the fact that these are full size items and not just samples. Would be good for Superbox to include other small samples too..maybe 1 or 2. Then it would be perfect! Overall, great use of most of these products and will definitely incorporate them in my night care routine!

On the road to better skin every day!


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