[REVIEW] Memebox Office Essentials

Hello Hello! I've been sooo busy lately, planning things and trying to pick up my life and get excited by things :) I think the way to motivate me to live is on is to have things to look forward to! Been super busy at work too, but i like being busy - it gets me up and running and pumped! ^_^

On Monday, 3 BOXES arrived! Whoahh!! So many and 2 came through express! zoosh~! So let the unboxing begin!! 

What a lovely mix of products in the Office Essentials box ^.^ 

1. Hope Girl 140 Super Lash Mascara 11ml (full size)
Yess! Been wanting mascara for a long time! This super lash mascara boasts jet-black, glossy, long-wearing, luxurious and silky lashes that won't smudge, clump or dry out. Looks like a very sexy mascara ;) Will definitely be using this! This retails for US $22. 

2. Very Six 6 Seconds Kissing Lipgloss 10ml (full size)
A clear lipgloss which you can wear before or after your colour lip products. This helps produce a healthier glow and perfect for those chapped lips in the office. I always find me sitting there at my desk and applying lip gloss haha! This costs US $17.

3. Pure Smile Refresh Tissue Citrus Punch 2ea
Haha! So at first i thought these are lollies or candy! But NOPE! They are actually wet wipes haha :) Wet tissues for those sticky situations in the office when the kitchen is too far to get to. These are great on the go, especially in our handbags. These costs US $3ea. 

4. Label Young Shocking Toner 250ml (full size)
This is an interesting bottle of toner! Or should i say it is a toner, lotion and essence all in one. This can be used by itself or can be mixed with BB cream or a foundation to create a more radiant and flowing complexion. Not really sure how you can use this in the office though haha but nonetheless i like it! This product costs US $28. 

5. RiveCowe Sebum Control Convenient Compact (full size - 8g)
This product reminds me of the Etude House compact powder which i am currently using. It seriously looks exactly like this one but has a different label. This compact powder is for oily skin and helps to control oil throughout the day. This costs US $14. 

6. Lovey Dovey perfume Fabric Mist (60ml)
This is randomly selected from 6 fragrances, but i don't think it even says what scent this is! It's the first time i've heard of fabric sprays though...pretty handy when my for my clothes though :) This sells for US $5. 
7. Maxim Maxim Mocha Gold Instant Coffee 2ea
I LOVE Maxim's instant coffee! They read my mind haha, just what i need at work :) These i will definitely bring to work to drink. These make me so excited to go to work haha ^^" 

My rating: 4.4/5
For me, i actually quite like this box because there is a great variety of products. Usually memebox fills their box with similar type of products which then makes it feel like it's missing something. The instant coffee was definitely a great surprise and really put the cherry on top. There were also some amazing and interesting products in here. Although i do think that most of these products don't fully fix the office essential theme...Nevertheless, i like what came in this box and would rate it highly. 


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