[REVIEW] Memebox Global #16

Haven't had as many boxes delivered lately as I decreased the boxes purchased drastically. I think the urge to purchase boxes is definitely not as strong as the beginning. I also have a LOT of products to try and use in many many many future years haha :)

Total of 6 full sized items in this box!

1. RiRe Style Black Head Brush Cleanser & Skinny Black Head Closing Serum [40ml + 20ml]
This blackhead brush effectively removes all oil with the serum allowing you to control the oil and care for your pores after cleaning your nose with the brush. This set costs US $18. 

2. Elizavecca Shrink Lifting R Pro (full size - 120ml)
So, I started using this and it gives you a refreshing type of feeling once you apply it. The feeling of ointment you apply on your muscles. Not sure how i feel about this as i have no idea whether my calves are swollen or not....This costs US $28. 

3. Hair+ Velvet Nutri-Injection (full size - 12ml)
This is pretty tiny to be full size, nonetheless it is serum to put in your hair - mostly for your damaged ends. You don't even need to wash this out after! This costs US $5. 

4. Unni Recipe Vitamin Recharger Mist (full size - 130ml)
Another day, another mist which can be used before or after make up to give you the moisture and minerals you need to replenish your skin. Very handy to have around. This sells for US $15. 

5. Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream (full size - 45ml)
A snail gel cream which helps sooth and de-stress your skin. Use this as your last stage of skincare. This sells for US $24. 

6. Delskin Delskin Centella 90 Power Ampoule (full size - 30ml)
Ampoule used for soothing and repairing your skin. A couple of drops and do your skin good, cream should also be applied after this. This sells for US $14. 

My rating: 4.4/5
Not sure how i feel this box..it's just not as good as other memebox globals and not sure how i feel more about ordering more globals in the future. Although every item is full size, it just doesn't have the excitement other boxes have :( A lot of these items are very similar to others and don't stand out that much. Maybe this is due to the fact that memebox has too many themed boxes now...


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