[REVIEW] Memebox Superbox #82 The Face Shop

I'm getting there! Catching up on reviewing all my boxes. I currently really like the branded boxes, especially from known Korean brands. It's amazing to be able to have their products without literally flying to Korea.

1. The Face Shop Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Cream (full size - 50ml)
Last step in your skin care is to moisturize well. :) I quite like the texture of this cream and the little container it is. This costs US $9.

2. The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher (full size - 5g_
Petite and cute, this blusher is in 03 Plum Cushion. The puff is just so cute! :3 This is only 1 of the 6 designs you can get. They all look really cute omg. >_< This sells for US $7. 

3. The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Mini Pet Hand Cream (1ea)
This 30ml hand cream is worth US $6 and is an adorable animal container. So adorable that i won't be able to use it. The hand cream smells really good to! This was 1 of the 4 animals and scents you could get.

4. The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Dessert Lip Balm (full size - 6g)
A strawberry shaped contained fits my strawberry flavored lip balm. This cute lip balm also comes with a little mini spatula at the top you apply the balm with. This is only 1 of the 3 versions you can get- there is also an orange one and a honey one. I would've love the honey one which looks like a jar of  honey! This costs US $8. 

5. The Face Shop Loevely Me:ex You & Eyes 05 Sand Brown (1.6g)
Sand Brown eye shadow, this is actually quite glittering and blends well. Perfect for the smoky fall makeup. This costs US $5. 

6. The Face Shop Milk Plus Calming Moisture Body Lotion (full size - 300ml)
This big 300ml of body lotion costs US $8 and smells of milk ^_^ This lotion is really soft and great to apply after coming out of a warm shower :)

My Rating: 4.9/5
Again, i have rated this box really high. All the branded boxes i have received so far have been perfect! I've enjoyed all of them so far. Keep it up Memebox! 


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