[REVIEW] Memebox Superbox #61 My Cute Wishlist 3

It's a public holiday here in Melbourne and it falls on a Tuesday which means some people pretty much take a big 4 day weekend :D It's interesting how it's on a tuesday haha love it :)

sooo cute!!

1. Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm (full size - 5g)
Really great smelling lip balm...this is uber cute with a very pigmented tint! Great for your bag and for pretty much anywhere! This cost US $12.

2. Shara Shara Fiary's Make-up Synergy Sun Cream SPF45 PA++ (full size - 30ml)
This sun cream is actually in the jar below the girl...i find the packaging extremely big and unuseful when the jar of the sun cream is so small! It's nice to have on your desk, but just not small and convenient enough. Found the packaging very redundant. I actually bought this to put on my work desk and that way have sun cream on days i want to go outside for a walk but don't have any. Otherwise, i found this product pretty meh =\ This sells for US $21. 

3. ddung Family Foam Cleansing Cream (full size - 120ml)
This cute cleansing cream is made from fruits extract and smells wonderful! A product that i want to raise my two thumbs for! Cute packaging and great product :) This costs US $12. 

4. Shara Shara Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub (full size - 10g)
This tin is super cute and inside you find lip scrub! This scrub is made of grains of sugar and walnut - smells great and is healthy for your lips. This costs US $7. 

5. Youngwoosa Oh! It's Lovely and Soft Cream (full size - 45g)
LOL This is in the old Korean style packaging! Even the font and the lady on the packaging has got that "old" korean style! Makes it hilariousss...this is simply just soft cream for your face and your skin. This sells for US $47...which is quite impressive. 

6. Tonymoly Red Cheeks Girl's Patch (1ea)
These are cute patches for your cheeks that are designed to moisture and relieve your skin. One on either cheeks, this is uber cute on your cheeks! This costs US $2.

My Rating: 4.6/5
Hmm..to a degree there are definitely cute products in this box, but not as cute as the other my cute wishlists :( so a little disappointed... 


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