[REVIEW] Memebox 10 Minute Box

A mysterious Memebox that intrigued me when i saw it. It finally arrived...and it was interesting to see what was featured in the '10 Minute Box'!! What can you possibly do in 10 Minutes to get ready to go out? It usually takes me at least half an hour to wash my face, do make up and assorted things...so what can i do in 10 minutes? In actual fact, quite a lot! ^.^

A total of 5 items in the '10 Minute Box'..somehow feels roomy in the box though D:

1. Aromalab Designer Fragrance Oil-American Pheromone Woman Type 01 (full size)
This 8ml full size roll on fragrance is worth US $34! Really convenient and quick roll on perfume. The smell is more of a sophisticated women sort of scent. The scent also lasts for quite a long duration of time. Only bad thing about this is that it can also leak a bit, making the bottle oily. I also think it leaked a bit into the packaging as the smell was really strong as soon as i opened the box. 

2. Hope Girl Powdery Body Perfume (full size - 20g)
This is something i have never ever seen before! A powder perfume! The one i got was in 02 sweety blossom and it definitely smells very, very nice! Comes with a cushion at the top to dip into the powder and apply on your arms, lips, shoulders and clevage! ;) Quite a neat product, but i can say it may get messy with me. I'm quite the clumsy girl when it comes to powder :(  This full size product is worth US $49. 

3. Hope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick (full size)
Lipstick! That's quick to do within the 10 Minute time frame! Another Hope Girl product, this milky balm lipstick is in Chicago Red. This is a creamy red long-lasting lipstick that can stay on your lips for 10 hours. I think the lighting in the photo made it look really red, but in reality it's a darker burgundy. Quite a nice texture to it :) This 3.4g lipstick sells for US $25. 

4. Secret Romance Hair Essence Lovely (full size 60ml)
Hrmm..hair essence o.O? Is that like HAIR PERFUME? This rose scented hair essence is such an usual product for me. This has a very strong perfume smell, but is said to have the nutrients that can help enrich your soft, shiny and smooth hair. Will give this a try for my hair! This product is worth US $39. 

5. Laboratory Eyelash+ 5 pairs
5 pairs of false eyelashes which has been randomly selected out of five different sets. This set seems very extravagant, with diamonds/jewels on them. Problem is...i don't actually wear false eyelashes nor own any eyelash glue, so using these would be a bit hard. I feel like i should try to small sets of false eyelashes before i attempt these haha. This set costs US $5. 

My Rating: 3.7/5
I think this box could've been better. It was an interesting concept, however it mainly focused on perfumes and scents. There weren't a huge amount in the box due to all products being full size - which was actually  very generous as this box was a normal prices memebox (US $23 + shipping). I do like how the theme is more a sophisticated womanly feel, with the perfume and red lipstick though, making it quite a distinct box on its' own and featured products that hadn't really been in other boxes before. 


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