[REVIEW] Memebox Special #32 OMG 2

Went on a trip to Sydney for 4 days and came back to 4 more Memeboxes at my doorstep! So this means more and more reviews!

1. Cristallin Cellulose Mask 28g x 2
Our first OMG product is 2 x cellulose masks that help stimulate natural recovery for your skin. This mask comes in a jelly-like texture and costs US $10. 

2. Ladykin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream (full size - 50ml)
Full size repair cream helps make your skin brighter and discolourations - good to use in the morning and night. This costs US $50. 

3. Milky Dress Bohr-effect Carboxy Gel (1 set)
This set allows for  gel mask to be applied in your face and then using the Korean paper mask - put that on top of your gel for 10-20minutes. This carboxy gel set focuses on extracting clogged pores and tightening your skin. This set sells for US $24. 

4. Priori Aroma Ac Moisture Gel Mist (full size - 100ml)
A gel mist which helps apply moisture to your face and can be used whenever to moisturise your face throughout the day. This costs US $24. 

5. Seatree Syn-Ake Total Solution (full size - 100ml)
So this is a choice between the solution form of this product or the essence. Here, i got the solution form which is youth-preserving cream that help target certain areas as needed. This sells for US $19. 

6. Haruen Dorothy Haruen - S (1 ea)
This is an interesting product, it's actually volcanic rock which you roll on to absorb excess oil and grease across your skin. This can be used before or after makeup. This sells for US $26. 

My rating: 4/5
Not sure how i feel about this box as there weren't many OMG products or any products that really made me say WOW. Don't think i would re-purchased as the products seemed too similar to any other box. 


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