[REVIEW] Memebox Special #35 Moisture Surge

Moist full skin is something we all aim for! I think this winter i was lucky to not have such dry skin - usually my skin gets so dry that it becomes painful :(

Bam! Full of water and moisture!

1. Insobeau Hiaromax Vitamin Stick (full size - 10g)
This is an interesting stick and it's a moisture stick for before or after your makeup, simply great for your dry areas of your face. This stick costs US $29.

2. Wish Formula Premium Ampoule Mask (1ea)
Moistful ampoule mask that help leave your face moist, supple and radiant! This costs US $14.

3. Original raw Deluxe Kit Version 3.0 (30ml x 3ea)
This kit comes with Black Bubble, Chan-mool patting essence and Water Block Black Jam. The Black Bubble acts as a cleanser, the essence works in place of a toner and the block black jam can be used as a cream/overnight pack when applied thickly. This pack sells for US $60. 

4. RoseMoon Rich 53% Collagen Smart Balm (full size - 50ml)
This Rich collagen balm is a strengthening and deeply hydrating cream which looks "rich" as it says. This sells for US $47.

5. imface Vio-Xellose Neck Patch (full size - 10ml)
An interesting product here, this is a neck patch which you spread on your neck and rest for 20-30mins. I've used this and it sure felt weird...not sure if it moisturised my neck, it kinda felt the same =\ Not really sure if my neck requires a mask. This costs US $5. 

6. Dermahouse Aloe Vera Moisture Mist (full size - 120ml)
Another moisture mist here for your face whenever and wherever you feel your face feeling dry. This can be used for before or after make up and feels great and refreshing. This sells for US $14.
My rating: 4.6/5

This is a decent box, i really like products with hydrating and moisturising benefits and this was exactly what was in the box. Time to really pump up the moisture in my skin! 


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