[REVIEW] Violet Box February 2014

As a female who loves all skincare and make up, it is no surprise that we're naturally attracted to all these lovely beauty boxes. Another beauty box came in today and it was the Violet Box! The Violet Box is an Australian beauty box subscription service which is AUD $22.95 per month. My first impressions is that Violet Box is a more premium box compared to lusthaveit and bellabox, The box is probably the prettiest out of the three! Something worth keeping in storage!
Reminds me a little of a shoebox, except much smaller haha ^^

Really pretty with matching coloured paper, once again, a win in design! Simple, yet effective.
1. Red Carpet Kolour (sample packets)
Read the description and it said that this was more of a body glow solution, than body tan. I was given the "medium" shade. Honestly, not to fond of this and pretty much won't be using it. My skin is a "light" tone and i don't really use any body tints/tans. =\ The full 150ml retails for AUD $49.95.
2. Nuxe Creme Nirvanesque (15ml sample)
French branded creme~ so fancy. This 50ml bottle retails for AUD $49.95. Love these small creme samples which i will definitely use up! Because who doesn't love cream/creme?

3. Be a Bombshell "The One Stick" (full size)
Loving these sticks lately, great for eyelids, cheeks or lips. Reminds me of the "All Over Cover Stick" from ELF. Got a pretty 'girl crush' colour. This retails for AUD $21.

4. Wotnot Natural Organic Facial Wipes (5 wipes)
Honestly, i received the same product in my January Bellabox, so i wasn't too happy. I know have a huge backlog of facial wipes i should use. The full 25 wipes pack is worth AUD $7.95. 

5. Aphelia Oasis Acne Solution (2ml sample)
A neat little liquid solution to prevent acne and blemishes. Great for people like me who are very prone to acne or used to be. This will be something that i would use in the coming month. A 50ml bottle costs AUD $49. However, the smell isn't that great - more a chinese herbal medicine smell that i don't think everyone would like. I realised i've used something similar for my acne before and i could just always smell it on my face! 
6. Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon (full size)
There were 2 colours featured in this month's box - Trophy Wife (a light pink shimmer) or Beach (a coral shimmer). I received the Trophy Wife. Beautiful colour but lately i've been into coral products and i think i would've preferred it more. I'm finding lip crayon's extremely popular these days as it's easy to apply and provide great pigmentation. Lip crayon's are great with a layer of gloss on top! RRP AUD $19. 
Bonus - Heart shaped lollipop 
Aww..this must be because Feb is the Valentine's Month! Haha very cute :) They didn't include this in the description card, but i thought it was very thoughtful. Too bad this ain't a product though :(
My rating: 3/5
Will i purchase again: I think this is a so-so box. There are a few pros and cons which even it out. But when compared to the other boxes that i have been receiving, i really wouldn't put this on one my top priorities. Reason being that due to the price, you would generally expect better products or even better deluxe sample sizes. Memebox was just a couple of dollars difference to this box for me. Loved the lip stuff, but a majority of the products didn't really get me excited enough for it. :( Unfortunately, i won't be continuing with this subscription. If only the products were as beautiful as the box!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! xx 


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