[HAULS] K-mart Aus now stock ELF Cosmetics!

I'm super excited to announce that ELF Cosmetics is finally here on the shelves K-Mart Australia! It's been awhile and i've been tracking the progress of K-mart's new beauty ranges as well as waiting for my local K-mart to stock it. I finally had the chance to go last night and had a massive haul on the elf cosmetics range. Unfortunately, i was really looking forward to purchasing the ELF High Definition Powder, but they didn't stock it. Their range is currently small. That saying, when i got there, all the shelves were already 3/4 empty! I think everyone got really excited and pretty much cleared the shelves as soon as the stock arrived. Haha

This is what i managed to pick up! 

Excited to try these out :) Watch out for upcoming ELF reviews!

Hopefully K-mart decides to stock a wider range of products in the future if they become high in demand. Cross our fingers and hopefully we see some changes in the coming months! 

Happy Weekend~! 


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