[REVIEW] Memebox #5

SUPER DUPER excited for this!! Being my first ever memebox #5 (wish i had knew about it sooner, so i could've got the others), i just couldn't contain my excitement for this box. For those who are new to memebox, memebox is a korean beautybox which deliver globally, they have had growing popularity ever since their box #1 and the community continues to grow. They are known for their unique korean products as well as offering a large range of deluxe sample size to full size products in the boxes.

Box is very pretty as usual. Really like the peach colour. 

All the products features in memebox #5!

1. Derma:B Daily Moisture Body Lotion (100ml)
Pretty good for an after shower lotion! The full size product at 400ml is worth $16. 

2. Nuganic Customize Pore Control Essence (30ml - full size) 
Have been looking into pore control products to reduce the size of pores, especially on my nose. Comes in a pump bottle, easy to use and smells really refreshing! It's a lightweight gel used to reduce the appearance of pores and control pimples and blackheads. The product is worth $46!

3. CNP Laboratory Cleansing Perfecta (50ml)
Oil free cleansing gel. First time using cleansing gel for me as i'm used to using cleansing foam or cleansing wipes. The packaging reminds of Dr.Jart products with a more pharmaceutical theme. Full size product at 150ml costs $23. 
4. Aromatica Tasteless Aroma Therapy Roll on (14ml - full size)
Roll on aroma therapy for your pulse points to relax you in your sleep. Haven't used aroma therapy products (not even candles) before as i just get too tired in my sleep now haha. Wouldn't mind trying something that smells good though and helps relieve stress! This full size product is worth $15. 

5. Lipozone Body Ampoule (5ml * 7ea) 
This is probably the most interesting product out of the lot, in that i'm quite skeptical and fascinated by it. I've seen many of these weight-loss products around and usually just laugh it off and don't believe that they work. It says it increases skin firmness, which helps reduce cellulite and fat cells. You apply it on your thighs, belly, arms and butts. Cannot use more than 1 tube per day. I still doubt i'll look like that chick on the packaging though T.T Full size product is 5ml*14 tubes worth $32. This is also a french product.
6. Sella Organic Soap (18g)
Full size product is 100g which sells for $20. Facial cleanser soap made from natural ingredients. Great for anti-ageing and pore minimizing. Once again i've never used a cleansing soap! I heard that soaps are great as a facial cleanser. Great packaging here, it has the feel of the soap you get from hotel rooms lol.
7. Espoir Lip Gloss (4.4g) Passion PlumIt was a random selection of Passion Plum, Magic Hour and Naughty. Got the Passion Plum one which i find is a very hot pink. Very shimmering lip gloss though, excited to use it! 

8. Physiogel pouch sample mix
Randomly selected from: cleanser, lotion, cream and Intensive repair. I got 3 in my pack - cleanser, cream and intensive repair cream. These were actually Irish products. 

9. Dear Jane Touch the Silk Velvet Primer & Dear Jane Glam on your Shimmer Base
10. Leaders CC Cream & Leaders UV Moist Sun Gel 
Great pouch samples which are perfect for me :)
My rating: 4.5/5
Being my first memebox, i have nothing to compare it to. I got way too excited, because i feel like i've been waiting forever to get the one box. Really wish i got the others or at least pre-ordered the next one. Despite the controversy of memebox swaying away from Korean products, i'm quite satisfied with this box. Their samples are definitely very big and really introduced me to wide range of products. 

Excited to try it out and will continue to buy other boxes (if i can)!
P.S Had a great laugh at the Konglish on the descriptions of what was included in the box.  Several words were wrong, but all good - it gave me a good laugh while typing this up :D

Let me know what you guys think! Have a great week! 


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