[REVIEW] Chi Chi Mosaic Blush (Sample)

A blush that i stumbled upon lately is the Chi Chi Mosaic Blush. This blush I have here actually came in a pack, so it's more of a sample of the mosaic blush. The Chi Chi Moasic blush retails for AUD $19.95 and comes in three types - pink brown, pink peach and pink rose. I think the colours here are quite similar to the pink rose one. 

Here is the one i got. I believe the full product is much sturdier and heavier.

I personally love the mix of these colours. I get great pigmentation on my cheeks with this and the colour lasts throughout the busy day. I was actually very surprised at the quality of this blush. 
The full product. I will definitely purchase one once my sample runs out! 

Just finished going to the gym here haha ^^" But i'm putting this blush in my top 5! I'm pretty much using this every day now! 

My rating: 4.5/5
Will i purchase again: As i said before, i'm definitely going to purchase it! I can't really say anything bad about this blush and i think it's one of those products which are under hyped. Just really want to share this great find with everyone! <3 Keep blushing! 


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