[REVIEW] Memebox Superbox #41 My Cute Wishlist

Didn't know what to expect in this box but...OMG THIS BOX IS SOOO CUTE >3< I can't even use words to describe it! 

Such a choc full box! love it!

1. Pure Smile Neco Punch Point pad Hibiscus & Lemon Grass (2ea)
Thesee paws are so cute, especially when you have them on your face. Got some of these previously in the Vitamin box and actually used the Orange one yesterday! So easy to use, so convenient for certain irritated or dry spots on your face. These costs US $2. 

2. a:t fox Moisturising Gel Cream Gyoolpy Tea (yellow), 7. a:t fox Whitening Capsule Jasoyup Herbal Tea (purple), 8. a:t fox Lifting Cream Black Tea (pink)
Cuute cupcake Gel creams which smell as good as they look! I just know i'm gonna have so much fun with these ^_^ These costs US $6 ea.  

3. Beauty People Snow White Special Edition Season 2
Really wanted this and i saw it in the Collaboration Box #2 which i missed out on :( SO HAPPY that it was featured in this box ^_^ I really love Beauty People eye liners as i'm currently using some full size ones...This pack costs US $54. 

4. Etude Missing U Hand Cream (30ml)
I've seen this at Etude House for a long time now, but never gotten around getting one - so i'm also happy to see it in this box! Got a cute Panda out of the 4 different designs they had. This sells for US $5, but i think i've seen it more expensive around shops. 
5. Pure Smile Muddy Girl (15g)
Mud pack for you face! :) Gonna look so cute with this mud pack on your face hehe! This sells for US $1.

6. Etude Sweet Recipe Candy Stick (2g)
This candy cane stick costs US $5 and sells of 01 seedless strawberry candy! I've seen this in stores too and never got one so i'm also VERY VERY HAPPY to get one!! \0/  SUPER CUTE!
9. Kocostar Split End Therapy (1ea)
US $6 hair mask to help moisturise and fix your split ends. The Kocostar masks i have used so far has been really good, so i have high hopes for this one too. To top that off, a cute polka dot hair tie was also included!! :)))
My rating: 4.9/5
WOW! This box is definitely high up there! Why didn't they have this box sooner?! It's possibly on of the best boxes ever! So cute and basically had all the products i really wanted or have seen around! Hopefully the next 'Cute Wishlists' are as good too! *thumbs up!* 


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