[REVIEW] Memebox Superbox #32 Bubble Pop Cosmetics

Bubble Bubble Pop! Bubble Bubble Pop! This reminds me of Hyuna's song 'Bubble Pop'! I was naturally attracted to the interesting concept of the bubble pop box! 

Huge size products! This box was heavy!

1. Brilliant LoveHeart Sparkling Powder Set: A 12g & B 17g x 5 ea
The powder bubbles up and dissolves in water until it becomes carbonated - which then allows you to dip it in with your face continuously for 3-5minutes :) The bubbles are meant to help remove clogged pores and impurities. This set costs US $31.

2. Skimeralism Ice Whitening Bubble Pack 7ml x 6ea
This is an interesting Ice whitening bubble pack which is to be placed on your face after cleansing. This pack is used like a mask - it rests on your face for 3 minutes and then rinsed off. This helps cool down irritated skin and improve the moisture of your skin. This pack costs US $36. 

3. i belivyu Cube Sparkling Sugar Scrub 8g x 7ea
A really beautiful bottle of scrub for your face and body! Such a cute packaging which is in the shape of real sugar cubes. This scent is Rose!! :) The cube is then dissolved with water and use all over your skin for a nice way of removing dead skin cells. This costs US $24.

4. OSEQUE Melting Cleanser (full size - 120g)
This black bottle is a melting cleanser for your face which has carbonic bubbles which start to pop once you apply it on your face. This helps really deep cleanser your pores and i would love to see how this feels on your face. This sells for US $40. 

5. ELENSILIA French CO2 Aqua 100g
Moisturising cream which has french CO2 which will help hydrate dried and tired skin! This sells for US $42.

My rating: 4.6/5
Interested in trying the carbonated products to see how it affects my skin. All products come in a really generous size, making the box so heavy! Such a huge focus on skin care in this box - and will have to be a box where i try the products out rigorously to know how it is. 


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