[REVIEW] Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care Box

Hello there! My collection of boxes is growing - it's getting so big and i don't have time to sit down and review them all! Nooo :( BUT, i will definitely commit to getting them all reviewed as soon as possible :) 

hehe i love this orange/yellow themed vitamin box! So bright!

1. Elizavecca Real White Vita-Sauce 30 (full size - 50ml)
OMG, this leaked and pretty much the cardboard packaging was all soaked in the product. Had to dispose it as soon as i opened it. Still had a lot of product in the glass bottle though, so i just kept the bottle. This product is an ampoule which contains pure vitamin C and is a great all-in-one healthy ampoule for your face! 
This sells for US $48. 

2. Amini Vitamin Shower Body Soap Bar (full size - 120g)
I think this is my favourite product in the box! It's such a cute and modern design or a vitamin shower soap bar! Can't wait to use this in the shower  and it's in a great orange/red colour too. This costs US $12. 

3. Pure Smile Hand Gel Citrus Crash (full size - 30ml)
First time hearing of a hand gel?! It's a germ free gel for when you want to clean your hands and you're out! Such a cute size and this will definitely be useful in those dire moments to clean your hands when you are out! Super cute too! This costs US $2. 

4. Pure Smile Gelee Labo Marmalade (full size - 12g)
This super adorable product is a jam-like mask. Cute packaging, all you do is spread this around your face and wait 10-15 minutes then rinse off with warm water. Can't wait to try this out in the coming weeks! This sells for US $1. 

5. Pure Smile Lip Treatment Mix Fruits (full size - 10g)
Another cute product with nice packaging is this clear lip balm which smells great! This is full of vitamin E and is in a great size for your bag. This costs US $5. 

6. Evas Vitamin Sun Cream SPF38 PA++ (full size - 50ml) 
A full size sun cream which provides great UV protection and skin brightening effects! Have to save this for the summer as it's still winter in Australia :( But this will definitely be used next summer :) This sells for US $11 and is a great size to put in your bag as well :)

7. Pure Smile Juicy Point Pads lemon & Orange (full size - 17ml x2)
At US $1 each, these point pads are so unique. You basically place these pads on your face after cleansing and they should stick on areas of your face which you feel are irritated or dehydrated. Then you remove them after 5-10mins and pat the rest of the essence on! :) So simple!
My rating: 4.8/5
This is definitely one of my favourite boxes thus far! The products are so vibrant, bright and exciting to use! It felt like it was a bit of a Pure Smile box though as many items were from Pure Smile! The only thing that wasn't that good, was the size of the products - they tended to be too small :( However, the fun of the products outweighed that factor and made me love the box! haha 


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