[REVIEW] Memebox Special #16 OMG BOX

This is the type of box which makes me immediately say OMG I WANT THIS BOX! *TAKE MY MONEY!!* 

6 full size OMG items!
1. Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss (full size - 6g)
This is amazing lip gloss which not only provides gloss and shine on your lips, but also a mirror and LED light to apply it! I was amazed at how cool this product was and makes it so easy to apply when you don't have a mirror nearby! This sells for US $22. 

2. SKINAZ Premium Vitatablet (full size - 39g)
A tablet-type of vitamin which is dissolved in water to form vitamin water which can used to wash your face or be used as a mist all over your body or hair or skin! Pretty much vitamin is a great source of health for both your body and your skin! Such an interesting and fun idea for your skincare routine. This costs US $46. 

3. SKINAZ The Kissable 24H Lip Tattoo (full size - 13g)
Apparently this product tints your room for 24 hours! Haven't tried it yet, but wow if the colour stays on for 24hours! That's amazing! You apply it thickly over your lips for 10-15mins and then once it dries, you remove it from one side to another - then the colour should tattooed onto your lips! WOW! OMG! This lip tattoo costs US $18. 

4. Pure Smile 3Step Bust Pack 1 Set
So i thought this would make me MORE busty?? But i read the description and it said this was to make you bust skin more soft and moisturised! Haha, it's a 3 step process which includes removing dead skin cells, then applying a gel pack for 10-15mins and then moisturising it with cream. Pretty much generally any other 3-step skin care routine you do for your face, except this is for your bust! Making it more OMG LOL! This pack costs $6. 

5. Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask (full size - 100g)
A bubbly clay mask which can deeply penetrate your pores to remove all the dirt out. not so much OMG for this product - as i think the bubble pop box covered a lot of these products as well. This sells for US $46.

6. Ladykin Aqua Exfoliator For Body (full size - 150ml)
So instead of a scrub, exfoliators now come in a spray?! All you need to do is simply get htis bottle and spray it all over your skin then give it a soft rub to get rid of any dead skin cells. That's amazing and seems quick and easy to use! Seems very OMG and something i would try! This sells for US $14. 

OMG Factor: 4.8/5
Really cool OMG box with products that make me open my eyes and mouth so wide and *gasp*! =O How do they even come up with these things!! It's so cool~~ And makes it so fun to just do your makeup/skincare each day! ^_^ Loving this box and i think it was really worth it!! Can't wait to play with all these items!


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