[REVIEW] Memebox Superbox #11: Before Special Day

Just when i thought i received enough boxes this week, another one rocks up at my door step! I have completely forgotten which boxes i have even ordered because it's been so long. This was my first Superbox! Expecting Superbox to definitely be Super! haha

5 full size products in this box which prepares you to be pampered Before your special day! 
1. DKDN Sprout Refine Intensive Essence 75ml (full size)
An essence to apply after your toner. This product focuses on fast absorption. Not sure if just using this product before your special day can make that little difference! haha! This product sells for US $25. This product also stresses on the use of natural formulas to create the Intensive Serum.
2. Bentonie Cocoon Silk Peeling Ball (1 pack - 20 ea)
These have been very, very popular in the Memeshop and has been featured in a previous box. Heard many good reviews about this. I have actually used cocoon balls before which i purchased from Daiso. For those who are unsure how these work, all you need to do is put one on your finger - soften it up with warm water and use it with cleansing foam to message your face! This will cleanse away all residues and sebum deep under your pores. One pack sells for US $7.
3. SD Hair Steam Hair Pack (30g)
Had to look at how to use this! A hair pack which is similar to a mask, which help hydrate dry and damaged hair. This hair pack makes it easier than hair treatments/oils.masks. I can easily take this out and put it on my head, just like a face mask - ensuring all my hair is tucked in. Might try to use this on the weekend as i'm due for a hair treatment! This sells for US $21.
4. Coco Skin Milky Cream Modeling Pack (50g full size)
This was also something quite interesting for me. There are 2 packs featured in this product. One is the solution and the other is the powder that you mix together, then you can brush it all over your face for the best mask effects. Keen to try this! This is worth US $17.
5. Skin Miso Pore Beauty Nose Pack 3-step, 4weeks
The final product here comes with a 3-step method to get rid of your blackheads and tighten nose pores!
Step 1. Blackhead & Whitehead Removal Mask. Step 2. Pore Tightening & Soothing Mask. Step 3. Silky Essence. So, provided are nose masks and then a second mask and then apply a silky essence.
This sells for US $15.

My rating: 4.4/5
Great box which really focused on pores and skincare. Thought before special day, would've included other type of products too though. Still not a huge fan of repeats and similar products. It seems there are a lot of essences, masks and heaps of products for pores. Still, i am excite to use the hair mask. That would be the highlight of my weekend! haha :D Overall, i think the box could've been better. I still prefer the normal memebox as opposed to the Superbox, because you feel like you get to try out more products, even if it is a small sample of each. 


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