[REVIEW] Memebox Mini #2

The second Mini box is here! Nice to see they got some nail products too in this box!
Mini sized box (can't really tell in the pic), but quite cute size actually ^.^
5 products in total~ 
1. Blacklees Nail Sticker 5g x 3ea 
Nail stickers!! Nice for Memebox to include these :) They are so pretty too! These are randomly selected from various kinds.
2. Kocostar Nail Therapy 1ea
What is Nail Therapy? ._. Didn't even know things like this existed lol it's a mask for your nails, taking care of your nail roots, cuticles and keratin. This will help strengthen nails with multi vitamins! :D I don't think i do enough nail care though haha.

3. Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint #2 Red 1.5ml sample
Previously got the exact same sample :c wish it was a different shade though. I love this though cos it smells sooo good 8D The full size lip tint is 9ml and sells for US $4. 

4. Goodal Repair Plus Essential Oil 15ml
Also got this sample before =\ so more dupes unfortunately that's how life is haha. This oil is pretty good though as you can use it on your skin, hair and nails. Full size 100ml is worth US $67.
6. Caolion Pore Mool Pool Deep Cleansing 75ml
So..the last item is randomly selected from 5 and 6. Item 5 is CNP Aqua Refresh Cleansing Water 70ml, which i would have prefered because it wouldn't be a duplicate D: Would be cool to use cleansing water! But oh wells, here i get another Mool Pool cleansing oil. The 75ml full size is worth US $20. 

My rating: 3/5
A lot of duplicates :c which made this box pretty bad for me in terms of memeboxes. I personally probably won't get any other Memebox Miniboxes, simply because getting the full size ones are sufficient. Not too happy with the amount of duplicates and wish that the US Memebox can par with the Korean Memebox. Still, am looking forward to more boxes in the future though! I'm sure they are trying to get more variety and stock into their boxes!


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