[REVIEW] Memebox Makeup Edition

Helloooo~! Finally reviewing the third box! This one was the Makeup Box!! :D Really exciting cos Memebox tend to focus on more skincare products rather than make up products!

This Memebox came with 5 products! It seems like the make up seemed to be more based.

1. Cheek Room Makeup Base (30ml sample)
This was randomly selected from green or purple. A make up base which is moist and silky, for a natural look. The full size is 15g and worth US $38. Quite an interesting packaging for a make-up base, looks more western than Korean haha. 

2. Dr. Young Anti Pore: Pore Eraser Balm (full size)
This is quite an interesting product - a pore eraser balm. Another primer, but this one focuses on pores and comes in a tinted beige. This is the full size products and costs US $38. 

3. MustaeV Spot Eraser Concealer Pencil No.5 (x1 ea)
Wow! A concealer pencil! I've always wanted a concealer pencil to cover my acne marks. This can provide very clear coverage for even the smallest blemishes or lines. This is worth US $18. 

4. ReBorn Sorbet MeltingTint Gloss (full size - 5g)
This is randomly selected out of N.S.M Cooling Tint and this ReBorn Sorbet MeltingTint Gloss. This comes in a really nice bright shade of red and is easy to apply. This sells for US $21. 

5. Ladykin Blossoms Blusher (full size)
This came in a selection of five colours - 01 Berry Sherbet, 02 Milky Apricot, 03 Aurora Blossom, 04 Aurora Sweet, 05 Luna Reddish. This one is in 'Berry Sorbet', quite a nice shade of blush! Blushes are my favourite hehe ^.^ This is worth US $15. 

My rating: 4/5
Great make up box overall, however, this seemed to be more focused on bases and feels like it lacks something more. This box costs the same as the normal global boxes, at US $23 + shipping. Hopefully we can see other make up products in their boxes :D


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