[REVIEW] Memebox Luckybox #4

Finally, the third box of this week! Luckybox #5 is still currently available and mostly features all the products in the last 4 luckyboxes. Quite a few duplicates in this luckybox for me...seeing it's the luckybox number 4 already.  But happy to receive some of the stuff i've been wanting!!

Jam-packed with 9 products! Wow Wow Wow!

1. Miguhara B.P Cream (3ml x 2 each)
This was also featured in Luckybox #3, so now i have 4 of these samples haha. Still have yet to try it though! This BB Cream and primer looks good though :D 2-in-one product! 30ml full size is worth US $37. 

2. Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Super Cream (10ml sample)This was also featured in luckybox #3, an ultra-hydrating cream by one of my favourite brands - Holika Holika! Full jar is 60ml and sells for US $19. 

3. CNP Laboratory Cleansing Perfecta (deluxe sample - 50ml)
A huge sample of cleansing foam. This was featured in Memebox #5 which i previously got. Happy to get a duplicate of this :) The full size one is 150ml and is US $23. 

4. Glory Nail Vegan Lacquer (full size - 15ml)
Got this in another shade previously in Luckybox #1, this one is in green and not sure how i feel about it as i barely use this shade of green nailpolish ._.  This is worth US $20. 
5. Mamonde First Energy Serum (sample - 10ml)
I've always wanted to try Mamonde products as i've heard good things about them! This is a package which includes the serum sample as well small sample of Mamonde CC cream! This small sample is in great packaging and includes a pump, both mini and cute! A full bottle of the serum is worth US $27 and is 100ml. 
6. Goodal Repair Plus Essential Oil (sample - 15ml)
A decent sized 15ml sample of this repair oil.This repair oil can also be used on your hair, nails and cuticles! o.o wow that's interesting. Juts 1-2 drops on your cleansed face will help it firm skin and enhance complexion. This was seen in Memebox #4 and 100ml bottle sells for US $48. 

7. HeartFace Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack (sample - 20ml)
So...this is the 3rd time i got this product, so i probably wouldn't want another haha (at least before i finish some of them!). I preivously got this in Memebox #8 and Luckybox #3. I've actually been using this recently and i like how it makes my skin feels so nice before bed and when i wake up, i do see that pores look smaller. A great sleeping pack which i am gonna continue to use. 100ml full size is US $49. 

8. LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence (deluxe sample - 20ml)
Received this previously in Luckybox #2 and sitll haven't had the chance to use it yet :c I used to use a lot of Tea Tree products though for my acne, and have heard of the benefits. Hopefully this will be the next item i will try! Full size is 50g and sells for US $32. 

9. Gowoonsesang Bling Bling BB Cream (full size - 45ml)
Yay! Another full size product and this time being a BB Cream! Haven't heard of this brand before but it feels pretty good on my skin. It also has SPF 35 PA++. This sells for US $24. 

My rating: 3.9/5
I think overall i am pleased with the products, but because i'm starting to get a lot of duplicates, they don't become as exciting to open and use. Graet box though and i really recommend luckybox to those new to memebox or missing those items from previous memeboxes. Definitely worth the price you pay for the box though :)


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