[REVIEW] Memebox Luckybox #2

Came back from camp this week to 2 Memeboxes! Was so excited! :) Pretty sure i'm a memeholic, but i just can't resist it when the boxes are so so good and has so much value! I've also found the products to be very good quality. Had to end my bellabox subscription as the boxes just didn't interest me any more and i would rather spend the money on memebox even if it DOES take longer for them to get to me. 

Well, here is Luckybox #2! With the best products from previous memeboxes! 
Beautiful box as always! <3 

Whoah! Here are the great products of Luckybox #2! I love how it's ALWAYS so full and you are definitely getting your moniesss worth!

1. Espoir Lip Gloss (4.4g)
I previously received another one, however this is in a different shade called "Naughty" which is much deeper and solid beige red colour. I think this is a full size product worth US $15. Espoir lip glosses are both cute and beautiful~

2. Nuganic Customized Sunblock Fresh (full size - 40ml)
Another full size product here. I was surprised at the SPF50PA+++ on this sunblock! Wow! Much wow! I'm glad to get this as i needed a new sun block/sunscreen! This is going to last me for awhile! This is worth US $45! 
3. Dr. Jart V7 Eye Serum (full size - 15ml)
What attracted me to Memebox in the first place is that i offer Dr.Jart products and i'm a huge Dr.Jart fan! I finally got a product by Dr.Jart and it's the eye serum! Yay! Dr.Jart products are usually so expensive and this is worth US $38! Definitely giving my thumbs up for this box!

4. LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence (20ml deluxe sample)
A deluxe sample of tea tree essence, a great bottle and i assume i use this like a serum where i apply it on my cleansed face :) Full size is the 50ml bottle, which is worth US $32. 

5. Dr.G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream (20ml sample)
I previously got a sample of this, but it was Cream #3 for oily skin, this one is #5 is recommended for dry skin! Funnily enough, during the summer months my skin is super oily and winter my skin is super dry...so i have combination skin. Because it's winter here, my skin is getting dry, so i wouldn't mind starting to use this! The 50ml full size product is US $35.

6. Miseenscene 2x Curl Essence (30ml sample)
Got the exact same product from a previous box and am currently using it! Loving it so far as it smells great and leaves my hair silky and smooth, especially the ends! Happy to get a duplicate! The full size product 150ml costs US $10.

7. Leaders Insolution Mask Sheet (20ml x 2) 
Previously got the Aqua Dress Mask in a previous box, but it was my first time receiving the Coconut Bio Mask with Tomato. What an interesting combo haha, i don't think you can ever have enough masks...

My Rating: 4.5/5
Another day, another box i love from Memebox! I love how everything is boxed and sealed and it's not just tubes of stuff in a box. I got this box pretty quickly even if it was on standard shipping, i think it only took about 1 week. Happy happy happy :) 


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