[REVIEW] Bellabox April 2014

Bellabox this month came nice and early for me. I was really excited for this month's Burt's Bees collection.

 Great bee packaging bzzz and love their blue polka dot hard cardboard boxes! Great for storage as well ^^

Opened the box and was disappointed at the size of the products. But i guess good things can come in small packages too, right? 
1. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (full size)
Here's the Burt's Bees product as promised. RRP AUD $7.95 at the shops, it's a great 8.5g lip balm stick. I haven't used Burt's Bees products before but have heard great things. Sadly this has got peppermint and I'm not a fan of mint :( Might just give this away....
2. Opallac Gel Nail Polish (full size)
This product is used in-conjunction with Opallac UV LED Lamp to create the gel-looking nails. Have seen great tutorials and reviews, but the problem is I DO NOT OWN THE UV LED LAMP (and don't really plan to buy one...), so this becomes a useless product :( This retails for AUD $22.95 for 7.5ml. 
3. L'Oreal Base Magique Primer (5ml)
A tiny 5ml sample of L'Oreal Primer. Have never used L'oreal primers before, but this is such a small sample. Guess it will go in my travel bag! Full size 15ml sells for AUD $29.95. 
4. Vaseline Ultimate 10 Anti-Ageing Body Lotion (25ml)
A small 25ml sample of Vaseline lotion. Love these cute samples, i got the other aloe vera lotion which is WONDERFUL in a previous bellabox. Probably won't be needing another one though as i actually bought the full size bottle of this stuff :) This sells for AUD $7.68 for the 225ml bottle. 

5. Indio Eye Rise (5ml)
TINY sample of eye cream! Wow! This stuff sells for AUD $67.20 for just a 15ml tube. I'm expecting great quality and amazing product! Will be interesting to try this :) This is eye cream for day use, with inbuilt sunscreen and concealing properties. 
Bonus - Revlon Nearly Naked Make up (samples)
4 shades of Revlon foundation sample with the 30ml bottle selling for AUD $25.95. Tried it and it seemed the shades weren't suitable for me :c Really disappointed in this sample because of the fact that it just doesn't suit everyone. There was only the tiniest amount of sample too. I didn't think the foundation was that good, the quality was just okay, but i feel that it applies like streaks, coverage was so-so and it wouldn't be a product i will be purchasing.

My rating: 1.5/5
Sigh, i don't know if this box even gets a 1.5. Is 1.5 too generous or am i being too harsh? I honestly don't think i got a good box this month, i've seen photos and reviews of others and they seemed to have better products. Everything here just seemed either unsuitable for me, duplicates, not my shade/preference or either a very very VERY tiny sample, smaller than my pinky. The products i got this month were all so small, i was beginning to think if there is anything in my box! The gel polish was very pointless as i didn't own the UV LED Machine and the revlon samples don't provide the right shades. 

On the edge about my bellabox subscription, as i'm very unhappy about this box. Should i unsubscribe? 


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