[REVIEW] Memebox Luckybox #1

My Luckybox #1 Restocked finally came! Was excited with what products were in this box. Luckybox contains items previously featured on Memebox #1 - Memebox #6-2! Mostly, i was super excited to get the cheese cream! :)

Pretty box as always! I can never get sick of Memebox :o

Luckybox #1 Restocked contains 8 products in total! Was hoping for the Too Cool For School Aqua Gel Mist which were featured in the non-restock version, but i didn't get it...so i was a little sad :c

1. Glory Nail Vegan Lacquer (15ml - full size)
One randomly selected colour, this item was featured on Memebox #1. I don't really use deep dark colours - but it won't hurt to add this to my nail polish collection! RRP US $20. 

2. Nuganic Customize Pore Control Essence (30ml - full size)
Received this in the Memebox #5, a full size product worth US $46. A great pore controlling serum for your face and now i have a duplicate! Hehe

3. NoTS 28 Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser (60ml - deluxe sample)
This is a pretty decent sample size! The full size product is 120ml, selling for US $31! This product was also featured on Memebox #1 and allows for acne pores to be deeply cleansed to reveal refined skin tone and texture. 

4. IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditional (18ml - sample pack)
Another product i was excited to try was this IOPE Bio Essence. I've heard great reviews about this product so i am excited to try it out. Great pack that comes with cotton pads and instructions on how to properly use it! Basically, i use it like a toner, swiping and pressing it on my skin so it can absorb it better. I use it in both morning and evening too. The full size costs US $60 and is 168ml. With this product, they promise clearer and smoother skin within 3 days. 
5. Sep Face lifting Mask (30g - full size) 
One face lifting mask which was featured first in Memebox #1, this mask seems heavy and full. Will be using this soon to come back with better reviews! Product looks great though!

6. a:t fox Tea Toc Water Clear Tablet (4g x 3each)
Wow! I was so interested in these tea bags! Basically, you put the tea bag into water and wait for the tablet to dissolve. After that, you can use the liquid as a toner and even save the remaining in a bottle to use as a toner. These were featured in Memebox #2 and for US $5, you can purchase 3 tea bags. A great way of making your own toner with a bit of fun.

7. Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint Red (1.5ml sample)
TonyMoly, one of my fav Korean brands! Yay! A tiny lip tint sample from TonyMoly with one of the most vivid red colours. This item was featured in Memebox #3 and a much larger version of the product (9ml) retails for US $3. Great candy smelling lip tint and i just love it! There is just really good pigmentation and the feeling of applying it on your lips is wonderful!

8. Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream (30ml - deluxe sample)
Yay! Really anticipated this product (they previously revealed on a spoiler that this was one of the products featured). have heard great things from those who got this product as part of Memebox #3. This is actually a facial cream which is made out of Mozzarella Cheese and has that cheesy, bouncy feature to it. As it is highly concentrated in Milk Serum, it is able to provide natural protein that will hydrate and firm your skin. I would love to buy more of this if i can! A 75ml container costs US $29. 

My rating: 4/5
A great variety of product, mainly ranging from Memebox #1 and #3, there are sooo many products that i found fascinating and just want to try out :P Great box overall, no complaints - just wish i get to receive my boxes faster! Hehe :3 


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