[REVIEW] Memebox #9

Earlier in the day, i posted the Memebox Luckybox #2 review and now i am backk to do the Memebox #9! Are all boxes in the hot pink colour? I remember they used to be different colours...would be cool to get boxes that are different colours for the different ranges - Superbox, Memebox, Luckybox...etc

This box featured hair care products as well as make up and skin care! This is why i love Memebox! 

1. Kerasys Oriental Premium Shampoo (deluxe sample - 200g)
When i say 'deluxe sample', i mean DELUXE! My shampoo in the shower is pretty much this size or just slightly bigger, I was shocked to see such a huge product in the box. If this is the deluxe sample, i wonder how big is the full size 600g which costs US $90! That's one expensive shampoo! Would've been good if they had a conditioner sample as well along with it. 

2. LUNA Wonder Essential BB Foundation (15ml)
Tube sample of BB cream, i haven't heard of the brand before but it looks good and worth it to try out. This is in #21 Nudy Beige, so hopefully it's right for my skin tone. Full size product is a 40ml tube worth US $35. I think this is a very decent size sample of bb cream, much better than the little sachet packet samples. 

3. Jaminkyung Gokmul Care Creamy Cleansing Masque (full size - 100ml)
A full size product worth US $45 which really intrigues me. It said that you can use this as 1. Daily foam cleanser, 2. Soft Scrub and 3. Mask treatment. A 3-in-1 use and it even comes in a handy container and a spatula! The product is brown in colour due to it being made by rice grains nutrients. Let's see how good this is! 
4. 25cc Hairbooster (full size - 25ml) 
I'm surprised this hair booster is worth US $23. Way more than our average hair masks. Such unique packaging and design, i'm going to syringe this in my hair and see how it goes hehe ^.^

5. Savia Magic Count Down 7 Days EGF & Multi-Peptide (full size - 5ml)
This is a full size product, a small 5ml ampoule for your face which protect and prevent your skin from troubles. This product is worth US $30! So expensive for only 5ml! 

6. Ellegirl I say tint You say gloss (full size - 5ml)
This is the shade Hardcore Red, such a deep dark red colour. This lip gloss has more than 50% water content and gives a really vibrant effect. Great pigmentation and probably the darkest lip gloss i own! Yay another full size product worth US $23. 

7. Botanix Hill Boh Moist & Radiant Youth Ampoule Essence (sample)
The Radiant Youth Ampoule Essence was 5ml (on the right) and the Moist Youth Ampoule Essence was 4ml (on the left). I feel that they love their serums, ampoules and essences - to really create and maintain the healthy skin! Full size products are 50ml and costs US $40. 

My rating: 4.6/5
Great amount of full size products, pretty much just the lip gloss can even cover the value of purchasing the box. I love this box as it ranges from haircare to skin care to make up. I really want to make my skin better, so I'm going to focus on using serums/essences. Lots more Memeboxes on the way, so keep an eye out on my blog! xoxo


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