REVIEW: TONY MOLY Dr. Tony AC Control Acne Cleansing Foam

There is always time for skincare, and when there isn't - make time! Because skincare is always worth it. I honestly think skin care is more important than any make up. No amount of make up can make up for lack of skin care. So, today i'm going to review a cleanser -  TONYMOLY Dr. Tony AC Control Acne Cleansing Foam!

Tonymoly is a korean brand and they introduced this AC Control Acne line which also has a range of other products including toner, serum, pink spot corrector, treating all acne types. 

This cleansing foam comes in a 150ml packaging and is aimed to target those with troubled skin. It claims to use Triclosan ingredients, which help fight germs and removes all make-up, dirt and excess oil from your skin. It also impurities your skin without drying it. I purchased this on ebay for roughly AUD $13, shipping directly from South Korea. Lovely shimmering texture, which feels great and refreshing when i use it in the morning! 

Application is easy, just like other foam cleansers, i just put a little on the palm of my hand (maybe the size of 1 or 2 peas) and then i add a little water and rub my hands together and smother it on my face, cleansing deeply on all areas. Rub and cleanse for awhile and then use water to splash and wash off the cleanser on your face!
Because i have a bit of acne scarring and occasional breakouts, i hoped that trying out this cleanser will help with it. Through using this product, i found that it didn't break me out at all and actually boosted my skin. It didn't dry it out and i had less breakouts than before. It does take a little longer to rinse off than other cleansers, but i rather clean my face well than anything. I also felt that my skin was softer using this product and it cleansed pretty well. 

My rating: 4.5/5
Will i purchase again: I think this is one of the best cleansers i've used so far! Previously, i was using Skin Food Green Tea Milk Cleansing Foam and The Face Shop Clean Face Acne Solution Cleansing Foam. I found the milk cleansing foam to allow my skin to feel soft and remove my make up, but i needed something to help treat my acne. The cleaner from The Face Shop didn't have any effect on my acne at all. I will definitely re-purchase this when i run out! 


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