REVIEW: Missha Pure Source Aloe Sheet Mask

Back with a quick review today on the Missha Pure Source Aloe Sheet Mask!

I think the Missha masks are one of my favourites in the Korean market. They have a range of other types too, with different benefits on your skin. I've also tried the tea tree and the pearl one. The pearl is definitely a favourite amongst everyone and as i've seen it being sold out so often. I felt like the tea tree one didn't help my troubled skin in any way though, maybe just help moisturise my skin. 

They claim to provide freshness and benefits derived from natural sources. I enjoy the missha masks because the mask is actually made of soft pure cotton. It feels nice and soft on your skin as soon as you put it on. The Aloe face mask soothes and moisturises your skin and my skin definitely felt soft after using it and wasn't as dry as before. 

Application is easy with face masks, just take it out of the packaging and apply onto your face, patting it down gently. On the packet, they say to use it for 15-20 mins. However, if i have time - i just leave it on my face for a longer period of time - generally until the sheet is dry. Best time to watch tv when you have a mask on! Yeah~!

My rating: 3.5/5
Will i purchase again: I already have and will continue to do so! I wouldn't mind trying the other types of Pure Source Sheet Masks as well. Problem is..i just have too many masks at the moment x_x Will hopefully review other masks too ^.^


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