REVIEW: The Body Shop - Tea Tree Oil Cover Stick

Happy New Week! It's Monday again! Hope that this week can be better than the last and even more happy smiles~   :)

Today i have another review on a product which i've also had for awhile - it's The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Cover Stick.

Tea tree oil is known to target acne due to it being anti-bacterial and is a natural oil made from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, which is a native plant of Australia.

This tea tree oil cover stick comes in a lipstick style twist and apply packaging. I found this really convenient to take around and i tend to have this stick in my bag when i'm out to just re-apply and cover any spots i may have. As seen in the photo, the shade i purchased was 02 and it comes in a 4g (0.14oz) stick. I initially got this product because i wanted to cover my acne without using products that may aggravate it even more. I have heard of the benefits of tea tree oil in the treatment of acne, so i decided to give it a try.

Despite the cool packaging, the concealer doesn't provide much coverage and it's very faint. If i chose to apply a thicker layer, it tended to feel thick and not blend well with my foundation. I didn't find that it actually improved my acne much either. I also didn't like the smell of the concealer either, i'm not sure whether it's the tea tree oil or the plastic packaging it came in, which could have distorted it.

For those who are interested in the tea tree oil range, i recommend trying the other products in this range such as the Tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser or tea tree facial toner. I feel as though tea tree oil works better on skincare products as opposed to make up. 

My rating: 2/5
Will i purchase again: I think i prefer liquid concealers over stick concealers as i find the stick one being more dry. This product provided minimal coverage and benefits to acne, so i don't think i will re-purchase this again. 


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