REVIEW: Pantene Pro-V Intense Damage Repair Oil

First hair care post!! Excited because often we neglect hair care and focus on more make up and skin care. I've been concentrating on my hair lately, after having dry and split ends for ages :( I also have oily roots too which doesn't really help. ~.~ I found that i need to at least wash it once a day to not have such oily looking hair on my scalp T_T but then it dries out my ends if i wash everyday! DILEMMA!!! I don't even use a hair dryer now or any other hair appliances that may damage my hair. 

In order to try to fix my dry ends, i focused on using hair oils/serum, hair treatments and masks. Today, i want to review the Pantene Pro-V Intense Damage Repair Oil.

This product comes in a 30ML bottle and retails around AUD $9.99. It is a leave on treatment designed to target and reduce future split ends. The method is easy, take 1-2 pumps into your palm and spread it evenly on your hair ends. I've pretty much used half of the bottle now, but i still feel that this product isn't as thick and oily as other hair serums/oils. I found that i still continued getting split ends (even after i got it cut)  =( 

The forumla smells great though, sort of a fruity smell. The bottle is easy to pump and store. However, i just wish it was thicker liquid with more moisturising effects. 

My rating: 2.5/5
Will i purchase again: I've actually heard good reviews about this product, however, i think for me - i just need a hair serum which is much stronger and thicker. My ends still feel dry, but i do have less split ends than before. To an extent, this product helped me. But, i think that i won't be repurchasing it, but rather try out various different products and compare the result. 


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