[LOOKBOOK] Valentine's Dinner

A bit of late post, but I really wanted to do a 'lookbook' section where I show you how I get my looks! In my first attempt at lookbook, I plan to show you my Valentine's Day look *blush*

Showed off some red for Valentine's this year. Valentines is always a fun holiday, celebrating love not just with couples, but with your family and friends <3 

To begin my look, I started off with Maybelline Pure Liquid Pure Mineral Foundation. This is actually a product from the Japanese Maybelline range. Definitely feels like it gives me the coverage for a night out. 

Next, I pact this in with my lovely Makeup Helper, which is a huge compressed powder which i've hit pan on! It's great at providing the overall coverage and look too and is my everyday powder at the moment. 

Now, to beautiful your eyes. You want a colour that matches what you are wearing. Today, I am wearing a bright red, so I want to go for that shimmer pink look. Here is have my Naked 3 Palette and i took the dust as a base light colour to start with and used buzz on the ends to accentuate the pink shadow. 

To finish off your eyes, you need to draw some eyeliner. My liquid eyeliner pen is my go-to for hot days, it lasts longer and is harder to smudge than using my pencil or gel liner. Here I am using the Niobe MagicKill Tank Pen Brush Liner. This eyeliner has been treating me well, until recently the brush is falling apart, sections of the brush would be off - making it frustrating to use!

And of course you will need some really nice blush for Vday. Here - i have this deep red Colorpop's Thames. One thing i still find that annoys me about the Colorpop blushes is that I can't use brushes for them. They apply better with your fingers than anything!

For additional shimmer, I used an elf bronzer in Warm Tan. I love the colour of this! It's got a pretty brown shimmer to it and looks great on the cheeks :)

Lastly, you've made it this far! Time to chuck on some of your fav lippy to complete the beautiful transformation. Using Colorpop Ultra Matte lippy in Solow. Love this colour and how long all Colourpop lippy's last! Definitely recommend them~

And yup, that's it guys! Curled my hair and I'm ready for a fun, romantic night out! What's your favourite Valentine's look? 

Here's some love for all ;)
Keep Sexy xx



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