[REVIEW] Memebox Special #53 Wine & Cheese Cosmetics

 The box which I have been looking forward to was this one! Even after a lot of delays and issues with products, i finally got it!  

They sent a sorry message as well explaining that because of all the issues and delays, they will include the MemeMask in this box instead! So nice of memebox :) 

1. LadyKin Mangchee Lifting Mask (full size - 50ml)
Full size lifting mask that helps moisturise, restore and replenish! Mango cheese hehehe this must smell nice! This costs US $43.

2. LadyKin Mangchee Replenishing Hand Cream (full size - 60ml)
Another Mangchee omo!!! This stuff is addictive :P This time a hand cream ^_^ I really like this!! This sells for US $14. 

3. Blanc Doux Pinot Noir UV Shield & Tone-up Sensitive (full size - 40ml)
Haha wine sunblock which is perfect for sensitive skin. This is actually a sunblock makeup base for you before applying foundation. This costs US $36.

4. Enprani Dear By Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream (full size - 30ml)
This is what everyone was waiting for! The cheese cream which definitely one of memebox's favourite product! So unique and fun!! This is a full size 30ml jar which costs US $35. 

5. Tonymoly I'm REAL Red Wine mask Sheet Pore Care (21ml x 2ea)
Just used one of these and there is a really strong red wine smell! Hmm would say it's okk..not sure if it really helped my pores though.... This costs US $2.

6. Meme Mask (1 ea)
So instead of the Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener , they gave out a meme mask instead. This will be my first time using a meme products, so will be interesting to see how this goes. Not sure how much this is worth. 

My Rating: 4.8/5
Despite all the issues, i think memebox handled it very well. They kept emailing us with the update and gave us the opportunity to cancel the order too. This box was actually quite good in the end :) I love it! 


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