[REVIEW] Memebox Special #52 WTF: Wonderful Treasure Finds

Pretty sure....when they said WTF, it didn't mean Wonderful Treasure Finds.....but anyway...

Went on a treasure hunt today...and this is what i found!

1. Skindeco Comedo AC Power Serum (full size - 50g)
POWER serum! wowww! Feel so powerful with this weapon (refer to: too much reading divergent...) I've got sooo many serums lately that this just becomes another serum :( I'm not sure whether i find serums any better for my face than applying cream. This sells for US $36.

2. Tonymoly Mr.Smile Patch (full size - 10g)
Say Cheeeeese~ Hehehe Moustache! Can't wait to use this, will look so funny lol...I think moustaches are one of my favourite things at the moment, it's just so hip. Since there will be zero chances of me growing one.....then i guess I have to use this patch! This costs US $2. This patch will help your smile lines lol :)

3. Elinette BMS Cure Cream (full size - 50ml)
Just realised my photo is on a slant....awkward =\ But here is another facial cream featured in this box. Looks classy and let's hope the product is too! This costs US $65. 

4. MUMUR Air Waterdrop Cooling Hand Cream Snow Blossom (full size - 50g)
Loving the packaging of this product - simple yet effective! This cooling hand cream is mean tot melt into your skin leaving it with a silky soft finish! This costs US $9. 

5. dearberry Play Choux (full size - 30ml)
My favourite product in this box! It's Play Choux's primer!! Omg love this stuff! I've seen it before and i just simply adore the packaging and the product itself. You can use it as a primer or mix with your BB cream or foundation. This stuff also gives you that beautiful glow on your skin <3 This sells for US $13. 

6. Bath Charm Store Dead Sea Salt Pearl Natural Soap (full size - 100g)
Definitely something i will find under the sea haha this is so pretty *.*
Nothing more to say..but it's natural soap! Gonna use this and i will feel like i'm under the sea! This costs US $6. 

7. Yadah Capsule Tok Soothing Gel (full size - 200ml)
Soothing gel which you can mix with your BB Cream...great for dehydrated skin and as an aloe vera soothe. This costs US $11. 

My rating: 4.7/5
Decent box...reminds of the beach and the sea~ Love the soap and the primer! <3


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