[REVIEW] Memebox Special #33 K-Style 2

Heyy Guys! Korean STYLE! YEAH YEAH YEAH~ Get that Korean look all day everyday...even when you're not Korean haha. 

I want this style!

1. Royal Nature Pantone Shadeliner (full size - 0.8g)
Here i got the PANTON Black, this is an auto-type and easily gliding gel liner which is long-lasting, waterproof and oil-proof! This costs US $12.

2. Secret-Stargirl S-Style (2 set)
This 2 set false eyelashes cost US $7 and it is in this beautiful Delicate Eye style. I think this is a sign...maybe i should really start trying these! 

3. Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer (full size - 6g)
This is a beautiful pink lip lacquer which i love! Great to blend it in your lips to get that natural colour. This sells for US $14.

4. RiRe Luxe Mirror Eyeliner Black (fill size - 1ea)
This is a mirror eyeliner which has a mirror on the other side of the bottle. Really handy when you want to do your eyeliner on the run haha. This costs US $14.

5. Shara Shara Color Eye Stick Shadow (full size - 1.4g)
This colour is Caramel Gold =D Cute eye stick shadow for my eyes hehe. This sells for US $7. 

6. Original Raw Ten Cushion Foundations (full size - 13g)
This cost US $32 and is a foundation/cc cream/essence/sunblock all in one. This size is quite small for the price it is. 

My Rating: 4.4/5
Hmm..i found this box only so-so, the items were cute and pretty - but not much to excite me about the whole K-Style theme. Not sure how i feel about gettting other K-Style boxes in the future...The box also seemed quite empty and small. 


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