[REVIEW] Memebox Special #30 Tea Cosmetics

Tea~ Ahhh relaxing tea~~ Tea has both relaxation and health benefits. So that's what i hope this box has too! 

1. e choice Fermented Tea Skin Drinks Sleeping Pack (full size - 70g)
This is full size sleeping pack which is made from fermented tea - known to delivr deep nutrition and moisture for a soothing effect. This costs US $2...seems quite cheap for a 70g full size item o.o

2. A;T FOX Tea Toc Water Clear Tablet (full size - 4g)
Got a pack of 3 of these in one of the earliest memeboxes and have yet to use all 3. These tablets dissolve in water to create a nice toner for your skin. I've been making a batch and saving it up to use on my face and found it quite good. This costs US $2. 

3. A;T FOX Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water (full size - 100ml)
Cute tea fresh water ^_^ This full size spray can be used when your face feels dry and needs a refreshing replenish and can be used instead of a toner and a makeup fixer before and after makeup application. This bottle costs US $10. 

4. The Skin House Lavendar Lightening Emulsion (full size - 120ml)
This purple lavendar emulsion works to smooth out roughened skin texture and deliver deep nutrition and moisture. This sells for US $40. 

5. A.True Miniature Set + Black Tea Bag
This is a 5 sample set of the following items: cleansing water, relief body wash, watery gel cream, tea brilliant essence and sun cream. Great small sample sizes, especially when i take it on holidays! xD

My Rating: 4.5/5
Didn't find anything particular interesting about this box, with some repeated products or i have too many of the similar type products. I don't think it really displayed the true benefits of tea. I liked how they included 2 tea bags though x) Perfect for me~~


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