[REVIEW] Nude By Nature Oval Brush Set

These beauties have been such a great find! Nude by nature released a set of Oval Brushes to their brush collection recently and is only available in some Priceline stores in Australia.

Firstly, it comes in an amazing box, so pretty and once you open it up, you can find the 3 rose gold brushes there. These 3 brushes range in size:

1. Large Oval Brush - perfect for foundation or powder
2. Medium Oval Brush - perfect for highlighting or contouring
3. Small Oval brush - perfect for concealers

They are pretty lightweight as well and I've been using them for awhile now and just LOVE the feel of the brushes and the bristles are super soft too. I actually prefer the oval brushes over my beautyblender too.

Rating: 4.5/5
Definitely recommend everyone buying a set of these if you can find them! I've had friends have difficulty finding them too. These are a must in your brush collection!


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