[REVIEW] Banila Co. The Black 17 Sleeping Mask

So happy to review one of my favorite Korean brands - Banila Co.! Previously, I've used their CC Creams and Clean-It Zero face washes which were amazing so I was clearly intrigued in what this sleeping pack can do. The packaging is very mysterious as it goes off the theme of 'The Black 17'

The product boasts dozens of nutritional value from 17 black foods, such as Glycine Soja Seed Extract, Sambucus Nigra Fruit extract, Black strap power extract etc...
A lot of names that I really have no idea about haha.

The product itself has little, tiny, white specks - making it look glittery like the night's sky! The fragrance is very sweet and texture is also very, very thick!

The product is like a spread, looks black/gray here - but once applied on your face becomes clear! Your face then feels really watery and thick and sticky! Sometimes it's so annoying when my hair gets stuck on my face :\ 

The next morning I washed it off and WOOHOO - my face feels much softer and moisturised. This product is particularly good during the cold, dry, winter season as I find myself needing to do a mask on most nights.

Rating: 4/5
Pretty good product overall! The downside is that it is quite sticky at the first when you apply it. However, the moisturizing benefits definitely outweigh the negatives. The 100ml tub feels heavy and it's actually a lot of product in there (or maybe my face is just small or i'm not applying enough..?), but i feel like the tub is lasting me quite a long time. Definitely recommend using this for the cold winter months! xx


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