[REVIEW] Frank Body's Coffee Scrub & Body Balm

Sunday rest days are best spent pampering yourself and loving your body to prepare for another big week ahead! Have had this stored in my room for awhile and I thought it was a nice time to use it! 

Frank Body is 100% Australian owned company, mositurising and providing skin care for all you babes ;) In particular, they are known for their coffee scrub. The wide range of coffee scrubs is amazing - there is tough, gentle, clean and smooth types as well a range of flavours - original coffee, coconut coffee, cacao coffee and peppermint coffee. With such a wide range, i struggled to pick the right one for me.

I ended up choosing the original coffee scrub in tough (which was frank body's first original scrub) and also picked up the body balm as well. Firstly, the packaging is simple and basic and quite "frankly" (don't mind the pun haha) very nice! It smells amazing and looks just like ground coffee.

The scrub on my skin definitely feels tough. I used about 2 handfuls for my face and all over my body. Make sure your body is wet enough when you use your scrub. The harshness made it a good exfoliator, especially for my back! But what I like most about this product is that after I wash all the scrub off, it left my skin feeling heavily moisturised! The scrub includes a really moisturising body oil within it allowing it to leave your skin feeling like you just put on a whole lotta body oil. 

After getting out of the shower, I also tried the body balm- which to my surprise, wasn't a cream, but came out as an oil. Doubling the moisturising! 

Now on to the negatives...warning, it is MESSY!! Real Messy! I did this in the shower and it still felt messy haha Make sure you have a lot of time in the shower to clean up and scrub yourself properly.
The good thing you get heaps of product in one pack, it will definitely last me a few uses.

Rate: 4/5

Preeety good and I will definitely use again. My only wish is that it wouldn't be so messy. However, the feeling of your moisturised skin is worth it ;)  

Check our Frank Body to purchase it today!
* Note: I am not affiliated with frank body in any way. 


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