[REVIEW] Dearberry's Single Scoop Blusher

Lately, i've been using dearberry's single scoop blusher in pink (left). I swear, Korean packaging always gets me! This adorable packaging mimics are scoop of froyo or ice-cream look and comes in two fun colours - pink and a orange.
But...is this packaging even feasible? Can it justify it's cuteness? That's the question! 

Firstly, the size is easy to hold and fits in a small on-the-run make-up bag well. It's easy to apply, because you don't even need to use a brush - you can simply just hold it and brush it on your cheeks. 

But at the same time, i wonder how much product is actually in there. What happens when i get to the part where it becomes flat and no longer easy to apply?
So far, pigmentation is great. A few strokes brings out a really bright pink colour. But this is also it's weakness, a few rubs actually made the blush disappear. So it's definitely not as long-lasting as a blusher should be. As this is more of an oil-based blusher as opposed to powder, which is probably why it doesn't last as long as it should! :O

Rate: 2/5
Cute packaging can be so deceiving. It's hard to give it a good recommendation if it doesn't last long. i would say this product is more geared towards younger teens who are starting out with make-up. It also is that youthful bright pink colour, so probably not for me, but great for younger girls. 


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