[REVIEW] Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Starter

Primers are essential in every make-up routine! The one i'm reviewing today is the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Starter. 

Inside this cute and adorable glass container, the primer comes out as a pink, shimmery jelly texture. It felt cold when i applied it on and comes with an applicator connected to the lid. I found a little went a long way with this product, with a dab being able to cover most of my face. 

The jelly texture did make it more moistureful (is that even a word?!) which i liked and helped with my somewhat dry skin in the winter. However, it was soooo difficult to get the product out of the container when it got low! I would have to shake it as the applicator doesn't reach that far and sometimes there was just no way to get the bottom bits. Some of it just felt like a waste to throw away :( The product smells great though - as expected in Holika Holika products.

In terms of the longevity as a primer, i thought was really good. My bb cream/foundation stuck on to the primer well and it felt nice on my skin when i applied it.

My rating: 3/5
As much as the packaging is cute with an interesting "jelly" concept....the product was just too hard to get out and the applicator would feel a bit "unhygienic" after awhile. I probably wouldn't purchase this product again. It was also extremely cold to put this on my face in winter hahaha


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