[REVIEW] Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert Magic Cream Soap

With this cute packaging I bring you...*drumroll* coconut cleansing dessert :P (not for consuming)
Wanted to fully finish using this product before giving it a review. However, i was so stupid to forget to take a photo of what the product looks like in the packaging! 

The texture was very solid cream, you were meant to scoop a bit into your hand, wet it with water and use it on your face as a cleanser. The scent was great, however, I felt like putting your fingers in every time wasn't very hygienic and I felt that it just did a simple cleanse - wasn't soothing or moisturizing like other cleansers.  

My rating: 2/5
Despite the cute packaging, the product itself was a bit disappointing. I don't think it did well as a cleanser - I found that many times the cleanser would be quite hard and I had to use soft water to melt it down. Don't think i would ever get this again! :( 


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