[REVIEW] Memebox Special #11 Cacao

Hi Beauties! I've been waiting for this box to arrive for awhile now...one of the ones which i was really excited to see what was in it! The CACAO BOX! <3

A different box this time! This was hot pink + black and i am pretty sure is the Korean packaging for the Korean memebox!

Was a struggle to get all products in the box standing for a photo haha! ^^" But...all products are FULL SIZE in this box! Omgahhh D: I've hit jackpot!

1. Etude House Milk Talk (full size - 200ml)
I was actually going to buy this when i was overseas at Etude House! I was going to get the strawberry one because it smells so good *.* Really awesome to see Etude House products featured in this box :) This body wash will get you smelling really sweeeet~ This can also be used as both a body wash and a bubble bath! 
This costs US $7. 

2. WondeRuci Cacao Brightening Mask (full size - 100g)
This jar is HEAVY! 100g of pure cacao mask which smells great. Pretty much going to put this on my face and want to lick it all off :P Haha definitely trying this out - seems fun! This costs US $38. 

3. Pure Smile Essence Mask Chocolate Milk (1 sheet)
Received other pure smile mask sheets (i think one in the milk box). These are really cute Japanese masks that i will definitely use :D I'm sure this also smells good ^.^ This one sheet sells for US $1. 

4. Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert Magic Cream Soap Coconut & Cacao (full size - 130g)
Coconut & cacao cleansing foam! Really cute packaging that i can't resist! Magic Cream Soap indeed :) This sells for US $18. 

5. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub Chocolate (full size - 25g)
Received a milk one previously in the milk box, but now i have a chocolate scrub! This costs US $11. 

6. Purederm Nose Pose 6 Strips Choco Cacao (full size - 6each)
6 chocolate nose pore strips...so weird, putting chocolate pore strips on your nose. Another one of those fun thigns i will try haha :) This sells for US $6. 

My rating: 4.7/5
Really impressed that the whole box was FULL SIZE items and are all so interesting and fun to use! Overall, a great fun box to play around and try out. Smells soo goood that i am drooling over this box haha. I also like the variety of products in this box. Time for fun! 


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