[REVIEW] Memebox #13

Sometimes there are so many special boxes that i forgot about the normal global edition memebox! The original memeboxes! :) And as always - original is always the best! :D
Here are the products from Memebox #13!

1. 23years old CX Detoxifying Air Therapy (1ea)
Not sure why it's called 23years old haha, but this syringe like mixture is the mask which you put all over your face and it comes with a mask sheet which you place on top. After that, you leave it on for 20-30 minutes and wash off. This carboxy pack is made with sparkling bubbles which help penetrate deep into your skin and cleanse away all impurities clogging your pores. This costs US $50! 

2. Donga Tempo Eco Natural Super (3ea)
Um..firstly WTH o.O? Tampons?! Firstly...i don't even use tampons - so i have absolutely no use for these and don't know what to do with them. Great for girls who actually uses them...but really not suited to be in this memebox :( MINUS. A full pack with 16ea costs US $11. 

3. CNP Cosmetics CNP Derma-Scalp Shampoo (25g)
Maintaining a healthy scalp has always been important to me, this shampoo is for the nourishing the scalp. You apply the shampoo on and leave it in for 4 minutes and wash it off. The full size product is 250g and is worth US $27. 

4. CNP Cosmetics CNP Tone-Up Protection Sun (sample size - 15ml)
A fun SPF42/PA+++ Sunblock! Great sample size perfect for my pocket in the summer! :) The full size is 50ml and costs US $34. 

5. Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ Cream75 (full size - 75ml)
Amazing size and heavy container of organic wheat cream which helps tighten pores for overall healthier and younger-looking complexion. This retails for US $48! 

6. Soy BIO+ Soy Bio Plus Fermented Lumpoule (5ml x 2ea)
Cute little ampoule sample which is called "lumpoule"  - a word combining both 'lump' and 'ampoule'. This is a facial ampoule made from fermented soy bean lump which works on wrinkles and brightening up overall complexion. The full size product is 5ml x 14ea at US $174. 

7. Nuganic Nuganic Customized Sun Base Colour Control Cream (full size - 40ml)
Yay! Another full size product and this one being a CC cream which has a really high SPF of 50+ PA+++ with whitening function and is based on protecting your skin from the sun! Great size and i'll definitely use it. Nuganic products really remind me of banila co. products. This retails for US $54.

My rating: 4.5/5

Not as good as previous global memebox, but a decent box with 2 amazing full sized products! Only thing that was a let down was the tampons...reason being that it wasn't suited for every female and was nothing to do with make up or skin care ._. It also seemed like this box had a great focus on sun protection product, seeing as it is summer in the US. (But doesn't apply to me as it's winter here in Australia...)


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