[REVIEW] Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C

I've been using this product for the last week and OMGAWD I knew i instantly had to share it on my blog! Quite an interesting concept from Clinique - The use of Vitamin C on your face! I was really doubtful at first as there are only a fair few products which supplement my face with moisture, however, this has topped my expectations.

So AUD $45 gets you the 8.5ml booster and 7 packs of powder cleanser. The powder cleanser is great to use in the morning, all you do is empty the sachet in your hand and add a bit of water and then proceed to rub it on your face then wash it off. It instantly makes your skin brighter and cleaner.

Then the booster allows you to add drops of vitamin C to your moisturiser. I tend to use this at night and i definitely feel the difference. My skin is a lot more smoother, brighter and softer. 
It is definitely expensive to fork out $45 every week for this product, so I like to space out the days that i use it. This is definitely a holy grail item now! 

Brb, going out to buy more. 

Rating: 5/5
Hope the results keep coming, it's amazing what vitamin C can do for you! 


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