[REVIEW] Banila Co. - Clean-It Zero Resveratrol

Today I am reviewing one of the HIT products - Banila Co's Clean It Zero Resveratrol! I've always been a fan of Banila co's products and this one is definately to rave for. 

The tub is huge, but light- there is a generous 100ml amount and it smells like beautiful green apple. It also comes with a spatula too which I lost as soon as I opened it! :'(

So the Clean-It Zero comes in 4 different varieties and the Clean It Zero Resveratrol is really good for oily skin. The Clean It Zero has won so many awards and i've heard nothing but good reviews. 
Let's put this to the test! 

It feels super smooth and oily on my skin, yet super moisturizing. I even rubbed it on my eyes and it didn't sting like other make-up removers. I even noticed it removed most of my eye make up too - which is AMAZING!
Who-lah! Skin feels super soft....and now I am sold on this product too. It's crazy how much make-up it removed by just using a little bit. 

My Rating: 5/5
Soft, smooth, does the job - what more do you want! The good thing is that it's great on sensitive skin too. I really should've used this earlier. Definitely will re-purchase and will stock up! The only downside was...i lost the spatula nooooo :( 


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