[REVIEW] Cellbydate The Real Galacto Zero Essence

Just realised, i've never ever reviewed a TONER! Whaa?! So here's a first! I've been using Cellbydate's The Real Galacto Zero Essence recently and my first impressions of this was that - dang! This looks like the famous SK-II Facial Treatment Essence! (Which i still want to try!)
The bottle is opaque and i love the packaging, it comes in a 100ml bottle and claims that Galactomyces fermentation filtrate includes 95% of fermented liquid which contains skin-active elements such as vitamin, mineral and amino acid. 

I tend to use this straight after the shower, dab a bit on a cotton pad and dab it on my face. It feels natural, doesn't sting, very light natural smell. 

It leaves my skin feeling nice, refreshed and smooth after it. Definitely feels good! My skin isn't left dry, which is really great.

Rate: 4/5
I've always found it hard to tell whether a toner has actually worked well or not. My pores do look slightly smaller, but i do have a lot of marks from previous pimples. I do love the packaging and have nearly used half a bottle up, i would say it is a really nice toner. Now to fork out the $100 to buy the SK-II one to compare?? TT_TT


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