[REVIEW] EON Energy of Natural Wheat Germ Cream 75

What is Wheat Germ? "Wheat germ is the small, nutrient-containing center of a wheat kernel, comprising only about 2.5% of the weight of the kernel, but packing a very beneficial list of attributes. The health benefits of wheat germ include a boost to the immune system and a preventative measure against cardiovascular disease and cancer. It has anti-aging properties, and can positively affect mental agility, muscle development, stamina, and the healing rate for wounds.

I've never heard of Wheat-Germ before I tried this cream and after reading and researching it, I was surprised how it carries so many benefits to our skin. This cream boasts of 75% wheat germ and claims that it has - 
  • Skin Whitening Care
  • Skin Repair Care
  • Skin Pore Tightening
  • Skin Anti-aging care
Honestly, this tub is HEAVY! It's made out of glass and you sure get a hell lotta cream in there.  

The cream is definitely heavy and moisturising. Smells planty - like aloe vera. It doesn't feel too thick on my face though and i think it is perfect for dry skin. It's definitely going to be my go-to cream this winter!

My rating: 4/5
This cream really surprised me as most creams aren't as thick and moisturising as I would like it to be. As someone who has really dry skin in the winter months, I tend to need to pack on moisturiser, however, with this - i feel like i only need to apply a small amount. YESSS to another good moisturiser :) 


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