So, I finally got around to making my own DIY Cushion! Got this idea from the great Morgan from TheBeautyBreakdown and immediately wanted to try it.

I purchased a (relatively) cheap white cushion case from ebay, which came with the cushion puff and additional puffs as well. It costed me around AUS $15 for two.

And then i got my SPA 50+ sunscreen which still has plenty of product in there to fill in my cushion case with. So once you open your case, you'll find it like all the other cushion cases - the mirror, cushion and the case itself. Then from here, it's just a simple 3 step process and about 5-10minutes to get the job done! 

Step 1. *Squish squish squish* Just pop some in the empty container

Step 2. Make sure to drench your cushion in the product. I used a pair of tweezers to turn the cushion for better absorption.  
Step 3. Insert the cushion firmly back into the case and use the puff to test it out! :)

Honestly, can't believe how easy it really is. You can even use your favourite bb cream or foundation to create your own! 3 steps and then you have your own DIY Cushion! 

Try it out! 


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