[REVIEW] Kailijumei Lipstick

Hello, Hello! Back to review this internet sensation - Kailijumei lipstick! I'm sure every girl out there is just falling head over heels for this pretty lippy. The lipstick is a colour changing substance which contains a flower and gold flakes within it. I just immediately had to put a  hole in my wallet and fork out for one of these beauties to review!! 

Initial thoughts - They call this the "Magic Temperature Colour Change" because the colour changes based on how warm your lips are! However, the colour changing lip product isn't new. I own a TonyMoly lip tint which also changed colour based on the warmth of your lips. But I was captivated by the beauty of this design. The lipstick comes in a tube in which you press the end and lippy pops out! SO FANCY~~~
And really, who isn't a sucker for gimmicky items? 

The colour - I picked the Barbie Doll Powder which is a light pink. The lipstick comes in 4 colours - however, other people have reviewed it and said that all 4 colours end up giving you a very similar shade of colour on your lips. 
BEFORE                                                                           AFTER

I gotta admit, the colour change on my lips was totally noticeable. I actually LOVE the colour as it goes well with my light skintone! And....to top it off, the lipstick also has a nice soft sweet scent to it.

Overall: The unique packaging and style definitely pulls it off as a MUST-HAVE for 2016! But obviously don't have too high hopes for the quality of the product, as it is - after all popular due to the gimmick. However, I feel like it was definitely worth it - love the colour and love having this in my handbag to pop out and use anytime! :) 

Rating: 4/5


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