[REVIEW] Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

Recently picked up these on sale for 50% off! These actually came in a pack of two. I immediately frothed at the fact that the Sally Hansen range was on sale and swooped up some for my collection. 

Before this i've never actually heard of the Miracle Gel range before. Instructions are simple - two coats of the colour and then one coat of the top coat (black bottle). It promised great gel-like nails and lasting colour for 14 days! I was super excited to try this and even bought another bottle in pink. 

And...the results?

Let's just say I'm not the best when it comes to putting on nail polish. I have unsteady hands and i feel like end up putting more on my hands and fingers than the nail itself haha. But there it is. This nude colour required me to put a few more layers. HOWEVER, I felt that the consistency of it was too runny and gluey! Eeek, the process of applying it felt extremely difficult and it felt like it took FOREVER to dry!! I have yet to see how long these last, so far after day 1 - no chips yet! 

My rating: 2/5 
Good try...but I just can't deal with the consistency....now i am trying to think what i can do with the rest of my bottles. I'll probably give it another go in awhile. Hey, at least i'm hopeful..right? But i definitely won't be buying anymore of these again! I even found the Rimmel ones to be better than this and with a good top coat (OPI) they last much longer! 


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