[REVIEW] ColourPop Haul #1

Omggg so exciting!! So my work friends and I decided to order ColourPop products - saved on shipping to AUS as we all decided to order together. Okay, so I've heard really good things about ColourPop so far - pigmentation, colour, longevity etc. Naturally, I got over-excited and put sooo much in my cart! Trust me, it's so hard to decide on the colours cos there's just so many!

Our haul! It came in such a pretty box and packaging :) 

My ColourPop Collection ^_^

From Left to Right: 1. Ultra Matte Lip - Lumiere 2; 2. Ultra Satin Lip - Littlestitious 3. Ultra Matte Lip - Bad Habit 4. Ultra Matte Lip - Solow 5. Cookie Lippie Stix

From Top to Bottom: Thames Blush & Between the Sheets Blush

Bad Habit was probably one of the deepest colour I've used. Because of my pale face, i've generally stuck with lighter pinks. The pigmentation did initially shock me, it was very bright for me - but i slowly got used to it. Made me feel a little bit bolder!! The colour was still there after a lunch, once dried didn't make my lips feel too try and also didn't smudge! But you just have to make sure they are fully dry.
 Cookie lippie stick was definitely very creamy and glided on easily on my lips. However, this colour is very neutral on me, can make me look a little sick! These definitely don't stick on my lips as long as the lip glosses! Great for work or when you just want to feel neutral. 


The lumiere 2 is a great colour. However, not sure why, but i didn't like the smell of it. I found it smelled a bit plastic-y. However, definitely was long lasting on my lips. 

The littlestitious and sollow are quite nude colours. Both provided that great lasting effect on my lips and i didn't find them that dry at all. 

I would find that if you put lip balm before, these would become easier to smudge. However, if you don't have naturally dry lips, i've only found it dries out a little.

The blushes were really pigmented and creamy, not powdery like other blushes I own. This also means it requires more rubbing than just lightly touching your cheeks.

Delivery Experience: Because of the influx of orders and popularity, our order took quite a bit for them to process. However, once shipped, it came to us really quickly! Would i order again? Will do! Only problem is that the shipping costs from the US to Australia is quite costly, so i recommend sharing with a few girlfriends. 

Order here: https://colourpop.com/

My rating: 4/5
The colours are definitely as pigmented and long lasting as people say they are. There are definitely more colours I would love to try out - especially in coral. They also do a lot of collaborations with youtubers, which just make you want to try more!! I will be back for more, for sure! :) 


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